What is Uno? The Easiest Way to Play Uno for Beginners

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Uno is a card game that is being chosen by many people. However, not all new players understand how to play Uno correctly. Today, let’s learn with 50JILI how to play uno.

What is Uno?

What is Uno?
What is Uno?

Uno is a board game that is relatively popular in many countries. This is an extremely interesting game that helps players relieve stress after tiring working hours.

To play this game. A game will require at least 2 to 10 participants. Each person will start with 7 cards. The remaining cards will be placed face down.

Playing Uno usually starts from the dealer’s left. Each player’s task is to play all the cards in their hand as quickly as possible. And the last card when dropped on the table will be shouted “Uno” only then will that person win.

Special Types of Uno Cards

Special Types of Uno Cards
Special Types of Uno Cards

To participate in this game. Players need to know the names of special cards in Uno. Here are some names that players need to know.

Reversed card

Reversed cards are used when the player wants to change direction from left to right or right to left.

Skip the tag

After this card is played, the next person in line loses their turn. This tag can only be used on a matching color or with another skip.

Wild Card

A wild card is a card that can change the color of the previous player’s card to any color. If the first person turns over this card, the person on the left will choose the color and start playing that card.

Wild Draw Card 4

This is a card that when played. Players will be able to choose the card color of their choice in the next turn. Not only that with this card. The person next to you will have to receive 4 more different cards.

The Simplest and Easiest Instructions on How to Play Uno

How to play Uno is not difficult. However, to play this game, players need to understand and follow the rules and how to play as follows.

Same color, same number

Matching colors and numbers is the first rule when playing Uno. First, each player will be dealt 7 cards and dealt in clockwise order. When it’s your turn. In this principle, the player will play cards that must be the same color and number as the cards played down. Otherwise, your turn will be passed.

Hit special leaves

When playing a special card, the player can choose a Wild card or Wild Draw 4 to avoid drawing more cards. In this card, the player has the right to choose any color to play.

In this card, the player will have to draw until they choose a suitable card to play when there is no card on the player’s card with the same color or function.

Feature card

Feature cards will increase the difficulty if the player wants to win this game. The player’s ultimate goal is to cough Uno when there are only 1 or 2 cards left in their hand. The other player will have to prevent the opponent from dropping the last card.

Some Notes on How to Play Uno

Some Notes on How to Play Uno
Some Notes on How to Play Uno

Just like other boardgame genres. To become a good player, you also need to keep in mind some of the following notes.

Play the cards with high scores first

This is the fighting method that many experts use. Because this will help the player’s cards have the lowest score in each round.

Use black cards at the right time

Players should use black cards when they cannot continue playing. Or in case you want to change the situation and go upstream. This card is often used in the last turns when the player has at least 2 cards left to win this game.


With the above sharing on the simplest and most understandable way to play Uno. Hopefully with this article you are ready to experience this game. Wishing you good luck in the Uno card game.

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